How to Choose a Cheap Gaming PC:

Gaming PC, as usual, is the demand of every gamer as he wants to build the best he can.

But many times it happens that the budget becomes very short and thus it is imminent to sacrifice some things in order to make a cheap budget gaming pc.

But many gamers cannot figure out that how they can build an ideal gaming pc in only under 500 bucks.

For them, we are here to list down few things that they should consider before going for a cheap build gaming pc.

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Well, let’s dive into the article right here right now.

  1. Choosing a CPU:

CPU or central processing unit of a pc determines its speed and that how it is going to perform given the extreme conditions.

Now in a 500$ build, you cannot get a very powerful and advanced CPU chip such as Intel Core i9 or AMD Ryzen processors.

However, you can easily go for Intel Core i5 processors. An Intel core i5 5th gen. CPU will be able to play all latest games on at least medium settings.

  1. Choosing a GPU:

Same is the case with a graphics processing unit. Due to the mining issues, GPU supply is very short in the market.

More demand and fewer resources impact the price of GPU sufficiently. So, what should be your priority in this case if you cannot buy a high-end GPU like Nvidia GTX 1080ti?

In my opinion, Nvidia GTX 750ti is the best cheap budget choice as this GPU is able to play games like fortnite and PUBG on a steady fps rate easily.So, in case you have got a budget around 150 bucks saved only for GPU, the best choice should be either Nvidia GTX 750ti or AMD Radeon G5 graphics card.

  1. Choosing RAM:

RAM is yet another important component in building a pc.

I have seen many gamers saying that you need very high ram to play all latest games which is only true to some extent.

In my opinion, RAM doesn’t matter much if you have got a perfect CPU and GPU combination.

IN only 500$ budget, you can easily get a single stick of 8GB DDR4 ram which can easily boost up the speed of your computer.

  1. Choosing HDD or SSD:

It would be better to not think about SSD storage if you are going to spend only 500 bucks on a gaming pc.

You can easily get a 1TB HDD running on 7200 rpm with a low budget range. The reading and writing speed may not be ideal but as I said, you must sacrifice some things.

  1. Extra Accessories:

There is no need to buy a stylish gaming case. A normal one can do the work for you as your budget is tight.

In the same fashion, a gaming keyboard and a gaming mouse should all be in only 100$ budget. Only then you can complete building your cheap budget gaming pc.

The Final Word:

Going for all the components that I have mentioned above means that a gaming pc can cost you around 500$. The prices may also vary. You can also end up paying a bit high or a bit low depending upon the price range of products.