Why Might Lord Choose Me to Do Personal Prophecy?

There is also counterfeit prophecy that some individuals activate through dark spirits of divination. Today both options have representatives speaking in to the public forum. This informative article can address the content of true Holy Nature activated prophecy and how many people create a important error in its application.

Allow me to first establish a critical and simple truth about humanity. Every individual in this life has been provided an original power to make choices. That energy of choice can be affected in many ways by personal history, present circumstances and the objectives a person has for the future. Energy of preference can be influenced by one’s price system. There are numerous exemplary samples of people who have grown over very bad conditions in life since of that individuals energy of choice. How then does authentic personal prophecy match this original volume of preference?

Genuine particular prophecy is always accurate personal prophecy and conditional. Whenever a prophet or prophetess provides a phrase of particular prophecy, the receiver must recognize that he or she could see the achievement of this prophetic word by accepting it and then creating room because of its fulfillment. The receiver may also deny its fulfillment by disregarding it or dismissing it. In other words the Holy Heart doesn’t overrule the Lord provided energy of preference of the personal even if He is speaking through personal prophecy.

The error frequently produced by premature or sloppy individuals would be to have a personal word of prophecy and suppose that they have number engagement or relationship with its fulfillment. They do not position themselves in the spot of seizing a promise, realizing the ability and moving through the doorway when it starts for them. Some take the attitude of ” if Lord spoke that then who am I to try to allow it to be happen.

Allow Lord see it if you ask me on a silver platter.” The end result is they miss out the provision of the Sacred Spirit. Prophecy provides offer and provision but every present requires a sensitive answer coupled with productive participation in its fulfillment. The Sacred Nature has been provided for walk along side of us. His gift of prophecy is intended to inspire, equip and ease people in the middle of life’s journey. Particular prophecy can be directive. It can do this as long as we’re prepared to do our part.

Seeds of offer sown in to a well tended yard may make amazing results. Neglect of that same garden will only produce a weed choked mess of unfulfilled disappointment. My assistance is to get words of particular prophecy and then expectantly place yourself to step through their gates of opportunities. One final term of advice. Use attention as effectively by using reputable prophetic sources.